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Download the MAR Geocoder

The MAR Geocoder is a desktop application that employs DC’s MAR web service to assign a location in the form of geographic coordinates. The web service has several built in quality control tools that review records presented and take advantage of several look-up tables for alternative names, abbreviations, misspellings, etc. 
As of October 2021, this application is no longer supported by OCTO and provided as-is. This means that although the geocoder is still available and generally continues to work for some users, OCTO is no longer devoting resources to support bug fixes nor enhancements. Please read the MAR troubleshooting guide. OCTO is currently working to develop a web-based geocoding tool. We hope to share a beta release in early 2022. Visit our new Data Developer's Portal to follow our progress.
The most common of errors occurs with the following:
Check the filename of your database or spreadsheet, the name of your table, and the name(s) of the fields in your table. 
  • No spaces or special characters are allowed in any of these places.  The only acceptable “special character” is an underscore “_”
  • The first letter of field names etc., should be a letter, not a number character
  • If you need to rename any fields or table names, you can do this in Access, prior to adding the table to ArcMap.  The filename can be changed in Windows Explorer.
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