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Featured OCTO Positions Closing Soon

OCTO Employees

OCTO is moving to fill vacant and new exciting positions and several are closing this weekend. Are you interested in public service? Are you a civic-minded developer ready to help improve government services? Are you an engineer who wants to work on our award-winning DC-Net infrastructure? We have these and other exciting opportunities closing this weekend. Interested? Apply today or share with your colleagues.

To search for all open positions, visit careers.dc.gov under Chief Technology Officer.

Featured Positions

Web Content Administrator

Responsible for developing, directing, coordinating, and administering policies relating to web/intranet standards for the District Government agencies’ websites. The incumbent leads web content strategy to attain OCTO’s business goals and grow the agency’s competitive advantage. Develops growth strategy; identifies content opportunities, and executes strategy. The incumbent leads project teams and influences stakeholders to optimize digital content. Responsible for hearing the voice of the customer; taking into account all of the various input and transform it into an optimal content plan. Develops and executes web content management (WCM) roadmap assess, review and approve digital content.  Serves as the agency's Web Content Manager and develops and champions a comprehensive and integrated strategic web communications program directed to both external and internal constituencies.  Because the incumbent works closely with technical, business development, and marketing members of the organization, strong communication skills are needed.

Supervisory IT Specialist (Security Operations Center)

The SOC Manager has the overall responsibility for developing and implementing Concept of Operations, plans, policies and procedures to support the organization. The manager will be responsible for developing the workflows, tasks and reporting processes for the SOC and SOC Analysts. This role is responsible for leading and training the SOC Analysts in the Incident Response Lifecycle: Preparation, Identification (Detection Analysis), Containment, Eradication, Recovery, and Post Incident Activities/Lessons Learned. The SOC Manager will create and maintain processes and work flows for standard response activities. Lead review of intrusion detection systems (IDS) for network traffic, conduct log reviews for SIEM, IPS and IDS reviews, and/or declare incidents (identifying indicators that show an incident has occurred and initiates swift response, differentiating between those incidents that represent important attack vectors and those that need to be analyzed in-depth by the incident responders). Track and report on events/incidents through remediation and create matrices for reported incidents and trend analysis. Demonstrates understanding and ability to perform specific tasks. The SOC Manager will train and develop SOC Analysts to achieve specific tasks, workflows, and perform ongoing analysis. The SOC Manager will lead the SOC Analysts and Security Team through application of knowledge the Cyber Security spectrum, leadership, and team building skills and techniques such as group facilitation, coordination, coaching, problem solving, interpersonal communication, integration of work processes and products, obtaining resources and liaison with the supervisor.

Supervisory IT Specialist (Network Architect)

This position is located in the Office of the Chief Technology Officer (OCTO). The purpose of this position is to provide support for District-wide telecommunication and technical management of telecommunication assets and infrastructure support systems.  This position will manage all aspects of the District’s voice/ data communication, which includes landlines, wireless devices and services, telephone equipment, telephone systems and voice messaging services as the central point of contact for telecommunication support within the District of Columbia Government.  This position exercises broad authority to manage, determine and implement the District’s telecommunication technology and management improvement program goals and objectives by:

  • Coordinating vendors with service changes, upgrades, and new technologies available;
  • Coordinating city-wide agencies to identify agencies’ demands and interests;
  • Fulfill agencies’ requests and manage telecom projects for city-wide cost savings; and
  • Provide agency telecommunication coordinator function for many city-wide agencies needed

Supervisory IT Specialist (Data Architect Engineer)

This position is located in the District of Columbia, Office of the Chief Technology Officer (OCTO). This position reports directly to OCTO's Chief Data Officer (CDO). The purpose of this position is to create enterprise level strategic business and technology solutions; and works with technical specialists to devise and define strategic direction and solutions.  Utilizes strategic long-term vision in partnering business and technology while determining business direction. Aligns strategic business and technological goals with capabilities and services articulated through business processes and supported through technology solutions Understands and is able to map customer strategic goals to the system, performance, technical and business reference model of the segment architecture supporting the lines of business. Determines and recommends architectural, IT, or process solutions and researches and develops other architecture-related documents and plans. Researches, develops, documents, and analyzes enterprise architectures (including business, enterprise information environment, intelligence processes, and IT) to identify mission capability gaps, overlaps, and shortfalls.

IT Specialist (Apps Developer)

This position is located in the District of Columbia, Office of the Chief Technology Officer (OCTO). The purpose of the position is to design, coordinate, execute and support software application designs throughout project life cycles. The incumbent will be responsible for developing mobile applications for the OCTO and other District Government agencies. Additionally, the incumbent will be responsible for the development and deployment of integrated solutions to enhance, consolidate, and coordinate independently designed applications enterprise-wide;  Determines how existing applications, legacy systems, databases, web interfaces, and hardware logic, possibly running on multiple platforms, integrate to meet new and emerging enterprise requirements; develop efficient methods to reuse existing components.

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