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First Responders

The FirstNet network will improve citizen and responder safety and increase the efficiency and effectiveness of emergency response through cutting edge broadband communications. Imagine a day when a single communications network can be used to dispatch EMS personnel, a medical helicopter, police officers, and fire personnel from different jurisdictions all at the same time, utilizing voice, video, and data at broadband speeds.

Public safety personnel using the FirstNet network will be able to share applications and images, access databases, and provide better informed responses to incidents through integrated communications.

FirstNet will improve situational awareness, decision-making and responder and citizen health and safety. Just as smartphones have changed personal lives, FirstNet devices and applications will ultimately change the way public safety operates. FirstNet devices will work anywhere on the network and will save time when seconds matter.

In addition to improved situational awareness and safety through better communications capabilities for all responders, FirstNet benefits to public safety personnel include:

  • Law enforcement – Officers will have greater efficiency and effectiveness through the use of new audio reporting tools in the field, as well as through the ability to send and receive real-time data and audio/video feeds before, during and after incident response.
  • Fire – FirstNet will enable quick access to new tools and applications that provide location data and other vital information. Responders can also exchange real-time data and audio/video feeds on the fireground to assist incident commanders with operational decision-making and maximize search and rescue and suppression effectiveness.
  • Emergency Medical Services – FirstNet will enable access to new tools that support faster parallel processing. It will also enable the exchange of real-time data and audio/video feeds between EMS personnel and hospital staff. This kind of connection, while units are on the scene and during transport, will improve all levels of pre-hospital care.
  • Next Generation 9-1-1 - FirstNet will be critical to NextGen 9-1-1 communications, which will rely on the transfer of video, voice, and data between dispatchers and responders. (See a FirstNet video on NG 9-1-1.)
  • Secondary Responder Support – Traffic, crowd, and fleet management and coordination with first responders will be enhanced as well as other support services in emergencies and during large events.

For additional videos see the FirstNet YouTube channel.